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Partitions & Screens

Designed & Manufactured in South Australia! 

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Creative Systems design, locally manufacture and install screens and partition systems of all shapes and sizes right here in South Australia. Be it government, education, health or a home office, no project is to large or small. 

A comfortable working environment with personal spaces for employees has a positive impact on productivity. Office partitions are an essential component in designing and renovating workspaces. Creative Systems helps you redefine office interiors with a customisable range of locally manufactured partition systems.


Partitions & Screens Explained...


Desk Mounted Partitions

Create a private and productive working environment with desk partition systems. Also known as desk dividers, desk divider screens, or desk screens, Creative Systems can custom design, manufacture and install a desk partition solution in customisable sizes, finishes and colours with a range of mounting options. Include acoustic options to minimise noise travel in the office. We also make desk mounted modesty panels.




The Blade Desk Divider system is a cost effective and multifunctional approach to to privacy and acoustic minimization in any space. Creative Systems can custom design the blades to slide on to any desk and can be easily moved around the office, making for a more productive and peaceful environment. The blades can be made with pinnable and acoustic fabrics. Easy to install, the desk dividers will reduce visual distractions and increase privacy, while simultaneously reducing sound and increasing focus.



Cubicles Partition systems are partially enclosed work spaces that separate workers from their neighbors enough to avoid distractions, but not too much that you can’t communicate with others. Cubicles provide privacy and focus for your employees, without sacrificing employee happiness or the ability to use teamwork. Creative Systems can custom design, manufature and install a cubicle partition systems for your office space that looks great and makes your employees feel comfortable and productive at work.



Portable office partitions often have rollers attached at the bottom so that they can be easily moved from one place to the other. Businesses looking for a flexible, temporary partition solutions can opt for portable office partitions. Even though they offer minimal privacy, some of them come with a enhanced noise reduction feature.



In addition to our custom partition system design, manufacture and service, we also offer a range of Woven Image ECHOPANEL ready made acoustic partition systems including the Platoon Room Divider.


Contact Creative Systems now for more information on our custom partition design, manufacture and installation options for your next project or pop into our Adelaide showroom to speak to one of our design consultants.


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